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Air Ambulance Drones

Air ambulance stretcher is a cost-effective alternative at times. We explain what it is all about and everything else you might want to know.
What’s new in the world of the air ambulance industry? We take a look at some of the crucial developments that have taken place recently.

Drones Continue to be a Menace for the Air Ambulance Industry

Drones continue to be a menace for the air ambulance industry. Every year tens of drones cause situations where air ambulance rescues are interrupted.

Air Ambulance Services Augmented by Drones

Drones are increasingly being used to take over certain tasks that air ambulance services normally undertake. For instance, flying to hard-to-reach areas where road...

Drones – Could they become the First Line of Emergency Treatment before Air Ambulances?

Well, it might not be entirely true at the current moment, but in the future, drones could play a huge role in assisting rescue...

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