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Air Ambulance Tragedy during Christmas Eve


Air ambulance personnel are always on call regardless of the season and festivities. Constant high-pressure situations, emergencies, and adverse weather conditions are all a part of the day’s work. However, this often culminates into health conditions that come out during the wrong time.

Dough Davis an experienced pilot, aged 61, was recently responding to a crash in the state of Florida and after the mission was landing at a base in Alabama when the tragedy occurred on December 25th. The helicopter air ambulance had tilted to its side and crashed while making a landing. The crew comprised of two more people apart from the pilot. These two individuals got out with minor injuries. However, the pilot was not that fortunate. The air ambulance belonged to Survival Flight.

What Led to the Air Ambulance Crash?

According to reports, Dough suffered a heart attack as he was landing the air ambulance. He was immediately carried to a nearby hospital after being evacuated from the crash site, which was Headland Municipal Airport. It has been revealed that the air ambulance was about 30 feet in the air when the crash occurred. The medical flight was returning after the emergency call was withdrawn. It was due to this reason that the helicopter was not carrying a patient at the time.

The Pilot had Tried his Best

The air ambulance company in question revealed that the pilot had done his best to save the crew members even as he was suffering a heart attack. In fact, it was reported that he had landed the helicopter almost perfectly. The company further revealed that it had no doubt that the pilot had saved the lives of the two crew members.

Of course, the investigations are currently on and more details pertaining to the crash will be revealed in the days to come.

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