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Air Ambulance World – Prince William Contemplating a Comeback?


Prince William has been a part of the air ambulance industry for quite some time. He has previously been a part of a charitable medical flight organization after having served his country in Afghanistan. He had been a part of the industry for about two years after which he had to part ways due to his compulsions, being a member of the royal family. However, William has been a loyal patron of the air ambulance world and is often seen attending events that are aimed at creating awareness and raising money. In this context, it must be noted that air ambulance services in the United Kingdom are mostly funded by local communities.

Interest in Returning as an Air Ambulance Pilot

The NHS or National Health Service of the United Kingdom has been under tremendous pressure owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of former NHS workers have made a comeback to help cope with the increasing number of COVID-19 patients that the nation is witnessing today. However, this has not been enough and a shortage of frontline medical staff persists. It is for this reason that Prince William expressed his interest in making a comeback as an air ambulance pilot in this time of crisis.

Royal Duties Might Keep the Prince Away

Prince Charles is out of commission due to contracting the COVID-19 disease recently (he has recovered but has been recommended rest), and Prince Harry has relinquished his royal responsibilities. Due to these factors, the onus now lies on William’s shoulders to fulfill the royal duties alone. However, the development brings to light the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic is not sparing any country and the resources are in short supply everywhere, both material as well as human.  The air ambulance industry is no different. The shortage of personal protective equipment and specialized medical flights are a huge hindrance at this testing time.

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