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Air Ambulances and the State Regulators


The debate has been ongoing that some air ambulances are functioning as bad actors in the industry. The main concern is that they have constantly refused to negotiate with insurance providers and have also made balance billing a business model. While such efforts by the bad actors are apparent, the state government has been unable to do anything about it, which is leading to a lot of public resentment. Adding to the fuel is the fact that insurance providers too are raising their voice against air ambulances. However, the only authority that can bring on any meaningful change is the Federal Government.

The Argument Against Air Ambulances by Insurance Companies

The insurance companies have always wanted air ambulances to come under their networks. However, their refusal to revise their reimbursement rates has been a deterrent. While there are some genuine concerns against the unchanged rates, the bad actors are using it as an excuse to leverage balance billing as a tool to extract more money. The brunt of it all is being borne by the end consumers. In other words, the voters and obviously, the issue is now getting dearer to politicians and they seem to have taken the side of the insurance providers.

Are All Air Ambulances Being Viewed in the Same Light?

At the current time, it seems that the entire industry is being viewed in a bad light, although it is just a handful of air ambulances that are causing the whole debate. Moreover, with a large number of rural American hospitals shutting down in recent times, the need for air ambulances is more than ever today. On the other hand, the rising cost of fuel and other maintenance expenses are pushing them to the brim. There needs to be an amicable solution to the cost problem if all stakeholders involved are to come out as winners.

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