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In states such as Idaho where abortion is banned, complications during pregnancy necessitating abortions may lead to patients wanting to avail air ambulance services for out-of-state treatment.
A virtual charitable event in the United Kingdom hopes to raise big money to help local air ambulance services. We take a look.

Have You Received Air Ambulance Bills Recently?

The No Surprises Bill is firmly in place and you must no longer receive balance air ambulance bills. If you have received one, here are your rights.

FAA and Air Ambulances – Weather Camera Trials

FAA and air ambulances belonging to hospitals in Michigan and Mississippi come together for camera trials for a weather-related study.

Safety of Air Ambulances – What Can You Do to Help?

What can you do to keep air ambulances safe? Drones, laser lights, birds – there are several obstructions that people can help with. Let’s take a look.

Air Ambulances Witness Post-Pandemic Demand Surge

The COVID-19 cases have come down drastically around the world; however, the demand for air ambulances continues to grow. We analyse the reason behind this.

Time for Air Ambulances to Gear Up for Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has made a statement recently which reveals that the country must brace for...

Air Ambulances in UK Get £10 Million Funding from Department of Health and Social Care

The primary reason behind air ambulances being so affordable in the United Kingdom is their not-for-profit nature. Most of them run on charities supported...

Air Ambulances and the State Regulators

The debate has been ongoing that some air ambulances are functioning as bad actors in the industry. The main concern is that they have...

Electric Air Ambulances Could be the Next Big Thing

Fuel is among the biggest cost factors for air ambulances around the world without any exception. While there have been several attempts to design...

Why Air Ambulances Prefer Staying Out of Network

It is no revelation that air ambulances end up charging a steep amount to the patients when health insurance companies do not cover their...

Drones and Air Ambulances

Drones are a double-edged sword. On one end, they are considered to be the next big thing in offering emergency medical transport, even being...

Drones – Could they become the First Line of Emergency Treatment before Air Ambulances?

Well, it might not be entirely true at the current moment, but in the future, drones could play a huge role in assisting rescue...

Air Ambulances Rescue 400 from Villainous Lair!

Yes, you heard it right but the only difference is that the rescue was conducted on a reel lair and not a real one....

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