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Air Ambulances Double their Services to Fight Ebola


The Ebola epidemic has shed new light on why air ambulances are so important for the health of humankind. The fight against Ebola is rarely mentioned in the absence of air ambulance services these days. Phoenix Air, which has flown several Ebola affected people from West Africa, has literally doubled its efforts now. Although Phoenix Air had two Gulfstream jets, one was usually kept on standby while the other was constantly used to ferry the patients. It has recently been learnt that a third air ambulance is now ready, paving way for the use of two air ambulances simultaneously. In fact, two air ambulances were recently flown to transport Ebola patients according to a confirmation by the State Department.

The Increase in Number of Air Ambulances is a Welcome Move

The holidays are near and more people are expected to move within the region of the exotic West African countries. Red Cross has warned that this trend could lead to more Ebola cases being reported. At least two American rescue workers have been reported to have been exposed to the deadly virus. The information about movement of infected patients has been largely kept away from public. It is believed that air ambulances owned by Phoenix made a minimum of five rounds to West Africa in November.

Deal between State Department and Phoenix Air Ambulances is Still a Mystery

There has been no clarity about the agreement between Phoenix Air and State Department. Earlier, the State Department had cancelled the contract it had with the private air ambulance service provider. It is believed that a new agreement was in the works but the officials have refrained from making a public announcement about it. For the rescue workers in West Africa, however, the fact that two air ambulances are now at their service is comforting news.

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