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Air Ambulances Witness Post-Pandemic Demand Surge


The Coronavirus pandemic was the main cause of the increase in demand for air ambulances around the world. However, the infection rate has come down recently. Although a third wave of the infection is expected, according to some experts, the current rise in demand is not attributed to COVID-19-related complications. That said, the demand for air ambulances has risen for other reasons. One must take note that this increase is mainly due to people venturing out.

What is the Reason Behind the Increase in Demand for Air Ambulances?

Much of the Western world is today vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 disease. Businesses have opened up and people are slowly going back to their normal lives. This also means that roads are witnessing more traffic and consequently an increase in road accidents. The same goes for people who are going out on adventure trips and high-risk sports. Some of the demand can also be attributed to people actually being less apprehensive about visiting hospitals.

People who had postponed treatment for the fear of contracting the infection from the hospital vicinity are now open to the idea of travelling overseas to get specialized care. The release of such pent-up demand could be another reason why air ambulances are in high demand currently.

More Air Ambulances are Functional Around the World Today

Thickly populated countries like India and Brazil, which have largely remained unexplored by air ambulance companies, have seen several companies popping up during the pandemic. These countries were under strict lockdown earlier and travelling long distances was a challenge. However, air ambulances were able to surpass such challenges as they can freely fly from Point A to Point B. People are now continuing to avail air ambulances in such countries as they have realized the convenience and benefits attached to them.

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