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Air Medical Group Holdings to Offer Air Ambulance Services in India


Air Medical Group Holdings, the largest privately-held provider of air ambulance services in the world, has announced their plans to start their services in India. The provider has partnered with Aviators Air Rescue, an Indian charter operator, and will likely be starting their operations in the first quarter of 2018.

Lower Cost of Air Ambulance Services Promised

This new partnership between Aviators Air Rescue and Air Medical Group Holdings is seen as huge step in emergency healthcare in India. What’s even more significant is that Air Medical Group Holdings will be offering their services at rates much lower than that of what they charge in other parts of the world.

Highly-equipped Helicopter to Deliver Quality Service

The air ambulance helicopter for use by Air Medical Group Holdings will be properly equipped to carry out transportation and medical care efficiently. It will have an approved flight stretcher and specialized equipment and medication that will be necessary for in-flight pre-hospital care.

And a fully-trained medical team will accompany the patient to provide whatever care is possible during the transportation. This will play a huge role in saving lives of patients who are in need of emergency medical care but are located too far away from a hospital.

This step will enhance the quality of air ambulance services available in India. According to Phillip Devasia, director of financial planning and analysis at Med-Trans Corporation, which is a unit of AMGH, India is a country of 1.2 billion people and if this service can be used by even just 1% of the population, it will make a significant difference.

The introduction of AMGH air ambulance will also address the issue of badly-clogged roads that make ground ambulance transport more difficult. The air ambulance will be able to cut travel time by around 90%.

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