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The air ambulance services market is poised for significant expansion, driven by the increasing incidence of chronic diseases and the growing capabilities of air ambulance providers. We take a look.
The recent airlifting of a critically-ill woman from the US to India is a powerful example of how modern air ambulance logistics can bridge vast distances to deliver essential healthcare.

The Case of Fake Air Ambulance Services in India

A case of fake air ambulance services was recently unearthed in the capital city of India, Delhi. We take a look at the modus operandi of the fraudsters.

Air Ambulance Transport in Developing Nations

Will the air ambulance transport industry look at branching out into developing nations in the days to come? We take an insightful look into it.

How Air Ambulance Services Played a Crucial Role Amid Surging Pandemic in India

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India resulted in a huge increase in demand for air ambulance services. We take a look.

Medical Flight Industry – The News

We collate the most newsworthy items relating to the medical flight industry from around the world covering countries like India, the US and Australia.

Air Ambulance Industry Witnesses High Demand in India

The Indian air ambulance industry has struggled with fulfilling the demand due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic. We take a look.

Developing Medical Air Transportation Markets and COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the medical air transportation industry in developing markets seems to be far-reaching and will negatively affect the...

Air Ambulance Developments from Around the World

The air ambulance industry has been in the news recently for several reasons. We take a brief look at some of the most important...

Air Ambulance News from Around the World

As the Coronavirus engulfs the world in its tight grip, some industries have refused to bow down to it, and the air ambulance industry...

Medical Flight is the Only Hope for Florida Man Stuck in India

Medical flight services are always available and willing to help people who require emergency care. However, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the globe...

Air Ambulance Company Ordered to Pay for Negligence in India

It was May 25, 2011, when an air ambulance company in India had blatantly flouted the safety standards and went against the weather forecast...

International Air Ambulance Breaks Down in a Tier-Two Indian City

Booking an international air ambulance is an expensive affair but a necessity when one falls sick while travelling overseas. Now imagine this – your...

International Air Ambulance News – The Interesting Developments

There is something happening in the air medical transport world at all times. This time around, we take a look at some of the...

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