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Air Medical Transport Fund-raising Ideas from the UK


The air medical transport industry in United Kingdom is very unique in its own right. The industry has, over the years, managed to successfully provide complete coverage through charity funded medical air transport services. This is something that countries like the United States must seriously take a look into. But the bigger question is, “how is the country raising funds so successfully through public participation?” The answer lies in the unique ways through which people proactively raise funds. Here we discuss a few fund-raising ideas from the United Kingdom.

International Air Ambulance Week 2016

This event encourages spreading awareness about charity-funded air ambulance services. The event encourages radio stations to participate in a contest aimed at this. There are even free prizes given away. The registration is free and completely transparent. The International Air Ambulance Week is in its third year now.

Raise 100 British Pounds in 24 hrs for Air Medical Transport

This is yet another innovative approach. The event takes place on March 5, 2016 and people are invited to raise a minimum of 100 British pounds within 24 hours. The onus is on individuals to participate and do their bid for the society that they live in. The event is organized by Essex Air Ambulance.

Spring Pageant to Raise Money for Air Ambulance Charity

This beauty pageant will be held on April 24th of this year. It is open to boys aged between 7-10 years and girls aged between 4-17 years. The funds raised from the event will go to North East Air Ambulance Service. The organizer, Natasha Beaston, was inspired to hold the pageant after her sister and a cousin were saved by the local air ambulance service.

Beneficiaries of Air Ambulance Services Run to Raise Money

There could be no better way of giving back to charity-based air medical transport organizations than helping raise money. That’s precisely what patients who used the Wiltshire Air Ambulance service are doing. They would be running a marathon on March 13th to raise funds for the organization.

It is quite touching to see that the citizens of UK are participating wholeheartedly to keep their communities healthy by contributing to free air ambulance services, something that the whole world could emulate.

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