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Air Medical Transport meets the “Cloud”


Taking care of the logistics for air medical transport companies is no walk in the park. Arranging the logistics between the treating hospital and the receiving hospital is just one part of the whole picture. There are issues pertaining to attending to emergencies that demand air medical transport providers being ready with aircraft and qualified personnel all the time. Arranging this alone takes a lot of effort and several man hours per week. To tackle this problem, air ambulance transport companies are now looking at cloud computing solutions.

How Can Cloud Computing Help Air Medical Transport Industry?

There is a huge section in the air ambulance transport industry that still depends on outdated scheduling tools like Google Calendar that demand logging into desktops for scheduling and employee management. For instance, a pilot would have to log-in to his account on a desktop to check when he or she is due for work. The same goes with other qualified crew members. Taking leaves or rescheduling too is a pain, especially during personal emergencies when reaching the desktop is not always possible. Cloud makes things easier in situations like these. A cloud-based SaaS solution or software as a service solution can be accessed through almost any internet enabled device like a smartphone, desktop, laptop or a tablet.

How are Air Medical Transport Personnel finding SaaS Products?

For most of the air medical transport personnel, SaaS products are proving to be less cumbersome. For instance, a pilot who wants to shift his rotation can simply get in touch with a coworker, arrange for it and inform the supervisor about it through the cloud-based software. The supervisor then can either approve the request or reject it. All this happens in an instance where each of the involved people is automatically informed by the software. Now imagine a huge air medical transport operation that spans tens of bases and employees. The software makes management that much easier.

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