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Airambulance Coverage – Wyoming Moving in the Right Direction


It was not long ago that the state of Wyoming tried to regulate the airambulance costs. However, the efforts did not prove fruitful. It was probably because they had the wrong perspective pertaining to the whole issue. The state government had tried to regulate the price that airambulance companies could charge. Earlier in the year, the lawmakers proposed a bill that sought to have all people of Wyoming covered by Medicaid for airambulance services. The issue of medical flight costs has dominated the political debate for quite some time in the state now. The subject of the debate has been the protection of citizens against the hefty bills that they are often compelled to foot.

A More Expansive Airambulance Coverage

The state government, currently, is in the process of drafting another bill. Under this plan, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will offer extensive coverage for airambulance services. The bill intends to treat it as an essential service. It is hoped that the Federal Government will approve the bill. If that happens, the statute will be amended in the year 2020 by the Legislature. The bill treats the service as an essential utility and people will no longer have to worry about its cost.

The Airambulance Companies will Have to Budge Too

If the bill is successful, the airambulance companies will need the state’s permission to operate. They will be controlled through one single emergency response network. Airambulance service providers, therefore, will have to bid to enter the state’s market.

There will be certain limitations too. For instance, there are several fixed-wing airbases today scattered throughout the state. If the bill is passed, it is likely that the state will only have one. However, there will be several bases for airambulance helicopters. This measure will be an effort to balance the costs. Only time will tell if this bill gets through. For now, it is a wait and watch.

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