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Airambulance Lands in the Middle of a Sporting Event


There is nothing more precious than a life and the fans watching a football match in Chesterfield came to know this first hand recently. Everything was fine. It was a bright and sunny day perfect for a soccer match. A league match was underway and the stadium was almost full. Just then a member in the crowd had an accident. The supposed injury was severe enough to warrant an air ambulance to take the fan to the hospital. It was not revealed what the accident was.

The Airambulance Disrupted the Match for About 30 Minutes

The players had to clear the field for the airambulance to land. Some sources say that the patient was made ready pretty quickly to be boarded on the airambulance. Once the patient was taken away, the referees inspected the landing site of the airambulance to assess the damage caused to the playing field. Once the confirmation was received that all was well with respect to the playing conditions, the players were summoned back and the game resumed.

The Fans and Players were Very Supportive

It was said that the players were very supportive as were the fans. The crowd is believed to have broken into applause in appreciation of the quick services provided by the airambulance service. Both the teams made it a point to convey their best wishes to the patient. The teams also took to their twitter handles to wish the victim. The teams also made it a point to appreciate the fans for their patience during the whole episode.

The game was on between Chesterfield and Lincoln during the time, and both teams had not scored any goals before the unfortunate event. The soccer game had been stopped in its 26th minute and resumed later.

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