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AirCare1 International Becomes IAG’s Preferred Provider of Air Ambulance Flights


AirCare1 International has been chosen as a preferred provider of air ambulance flights for the prestigious International Assistance Group (IAG). Located in over 170 countries worldwide, IAG is a global network comprising of partners and preferred providers across all sectors in the assistance service industry.

More about AirCare1 International

AirCare1 International was established by a critical care nurse in 2004 with the vision to provide a different approach for medical care transport via air. The foundation of the service is firmly built on the idea that every patient should have the privilege of being transported in executive quality Lear jets. They operate out of their two base locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.

Till date, AirCare1 International has seen to the safe transportation of thousands of patients to their destinations. The service takes care to transport its patients in a pleasant medical environment while providing them with outstanding medical care that equals premier medical facilities. AirCare1’s team comprises of highly-trained and experienced pilots, medical crew, mechanics, and communication specialists.

A notable move made by AirCare1 International is that they give patients the option to receive added comfort through therapeutic music, noise-cancelling headsets, and therapeutic hand massages. With accreditations from the European Air Medical Institute (EURAMI) and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), the company also provides comprehensive medical escort service.

What it means to be a preferred provider of air ambulance flights for IAG

As a preferred provider of air ambulance flights for IAG, AirCare1 International will enjoy global operational benefits. They will have the freedom to utilize proprietary resources, which will ensure efficiency in coordinating and performing patient transports across the world. Preferred IAG providers have to undergo a stringent selection process depending on industry recommendations. In addition to having financial stability, companies have to adhere to highest-quality standards in terms of performance.

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