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Tag: Air Ambulance Flights

Air Methods, which is one of the largest air ambulance service providers in the United States has filed for bankruptcy. We analyze what it means for the industry.
The residents in and around Mid and Northwest Wales in the seek action against air ambulance charity due their decision to close two bases.

North Dakota Hospitals Required to Disclose Coverage of Air Ambulance Flights

Starting from August 2, 2017 hospitals in North Dakota now have to disclose whether or not a patient’s insurance covers the cost of air...

Prince William Speaks about the Emotional Toll of Being a Pilot for Air Ambulance Flights

Being surrounded by sickness, death, and serious injuries can take a toll on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. So you can imagine how badly...

AirCare1 International Becomes IAG’s Preferred Provider of Air Ambulance Flights

AirCare1 International has been chosen as a preferred provider of air ambulance flights for the prestigious International Assistance Group (IAG). Located in over 170...

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