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AirMule – The Air Ambulance Drone


We had reported early last year that a world-class air ambulance drone, AirMule is in the making in Israel. Approximately a year down the line, the drone is almost ready and has successfully completed its maiden ride. The air ambulance drone has made some major changes, while maintaining its agility. Considering that the company only plans to mass produce the drone in 2020, the development has been pretty swift.

The Utility of the Medical Drone

It would easily be able to carry two people at a time. It is equipped to carry about 992 pounds in total. This is a drastic improvement from its previous capacity of 880 pounds. The speed initially was 140 miles an hour; however, whether the new weight would impact the speed is not still clear. The good news is that the drone has been cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

The unmanned medical flight has been designed for use in extreme circumstances like the battle field and can easily negotiate sharp maneuvers. While it will be highly useful in extracting wounded soldiers in the battlefield, it will find immense utility in the urban and rural settings too. The drone can easily course through mountains and thick forests and is capable of vertical take off.

The Future of Air Ambulance Drone

AirMule is certainly not the first of its kind. In fact, eHang 184 has already been built in China and is slated to be used as an unmanned taxi. This, of course, means that it can easily be converted into a medical flight drone.

AirMule is now awaiting approval by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority for continuous and unhindered flight testing. The decade long development of the air ambulance drone now seems to be yielding fruits for its developers. The medical flight industry is certainly watching this development keenly.

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