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Alfie Evans – The Toddler who was Slated for an Air Ambulance Transport Dies


We had earlier covered the life of the young toddler, Alfie Evans, who was struggling to stay alive. The British Judiciary had ruled that his life support must be withdrawn as there was no hope for his life and he was in a vegetative state. The parents of the little one, however, were against the ruling and were doing all in their powers to keep their child alive. They had gone to the extent of calling upon the mercy of Pope who had responded favorably, paving way for an air ambulance transport to bring the child to Rome. The Italian government had gone a step ahead and provided the child citizenship. Little Alfie, however, breathed his last on April 28th. The child was 23 months old at the time.

The Judiciary was Not Happy with the Controversy Surrounding the Issue

The matter had escalated to the extent that in the absence of British aid, an Italian air ambulance transport vehicle was kept on standby for the child. The pro life and anti-abortion groups had rallied behind the child. The judiciary had opposing views on the matter. The doctors had advised the judiciary that the child had no hopes of survival and it was deemed that keeping the child alive was simply a drain of healthcare costs and resources. The court had ordered that his life support be withdrawn and the child was kept off the ventilator. Although the health of Alfie was unremarkable initially, he eventually died.

Alfie was Denied Air Ambulance Transport

In the final court battle, the parents of the child were represented by a counsel that was part of the Christian Legal Center. A thought was coined that a ‘new form of treatment’ would help little Alfie. However, the medical experts were unanimous that no such new treatment was available. All said and done, young Alfie, in his short life, touched many and raised several questions.

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