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AMGH Medical Flight Gets More Helicopters


The well-known Air Medical Group Holdings which operates one of the largest fleet of medical flight helicopters is set to get even bigger. Bell Helicopter has recently inked a deal with the company. According to this contract, AMGH would purchase eight brand new Bell 206L-4 medical flight choppers. The contract was signed by the Bell Helicopter’s global sales and marketing VP Patrick Moulay and Seth Myers who is the president of Air Evac Lifeteam (a subsidiary of AMGH).

The New Helicopters will be Part of a Huge Fleet of Medical Flight Helicopters

Air Evac Lifeteam already has a fleet of 130 Bell 206L-4 medical flight helicopters. So, operating the choppers is nothing new for the company. The company has also found these vehicles reliable and that’s the reason they’ve gone with the same models again, revealed Seth recently. He said Air Evac Lifeteam was going by the “reliability and performance” of these helicopters.

Once the deal was signed, Bell hosted a celebratory event to mark the 30th anniversary of their esteemed client. Patrick Moulay said that the event was aimed at celebrating the successful missions carried out by Air Evac Lifeteam over three decades and the lives that have been saved during this time.

Bell 206L-4 Medical Flight Helicopters are Very Reliable

There is a reason why Bell 206L-4 is so popular with medical flight operators around the world. Not only are they easily customizable, they are also known to offer unparalleled visibility in situations where landing is quite tough as it sports wrap-around windows for pilots.

Air Evac Lifeteam operates from over 120 bases throughout the United States and is the biggest independently operated and owned medical flight operator in the country. The signing of the new deal has made the company even bigger. For the common man this means better accessibility to emergency medical flight helicopters during matters of life and death.

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