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An Exemplary Air Ambulance Charity Effort


Age is never a barrier when you want to do something good for society. Lily Collins-Board – a 20-year-old college student – is proving this fact. She will be attempting to swim the English Channel to raise funds for an air ambulance company in the United Kingdom that is dedicated to saving the lives of young children across the country. Lily will not be alone in her charitable effort. She will be joined by six more swimmers who together refer to themselves as Water Warriors. The air ambulance fundraising activity will be a relay, and together, they will cross a total of 22.5 miles.

The Air Ambulance Fundraising Challenge

Making things exciting is the fact that more teams will be joining the effort, and it is going to be a challenge. There will be a total of five teams. Training for the mammoth effort has not been easy, thanks to the lockdown due to the pandemic. However, the team was unanimous in agreeing that the cause is worth the effort. Keeping families together is one thing that the air ambulance has consistently done, by being there when the children need them the most.

About the Air Ambulance Service

The Children’s Air Ambulance has two specialty helicopters that are designed specifically for the purpose. They are based in Doncaster and Oxford. The service also brings medical specialists to the kids if they are too sick to travel to the medical facility. The air ambulance service expressed its gratitude to Lily. It must be noted that in the United Kingdom most of the funds that go into running air ambulance services come from local communities. People are known to find innovative ways to grab attention and raise funds for the air ambulance charities that they are close to. This time around, it is the Children’s Air Ambulance. The event is slated to take place in June.

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