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Beijing Red Cross Expands Air Ambulance Services


Just last year, we had reported that China is making strides towards providing air ambulance services to its citizens. Now, it seems that the Beijing Red Cross also popular as 999 is acquiring a ‘state of the art’ air ambulance. The organization has decided to acquire a Falcon 2000LX manufactured by Dassault Aviation. With production and assembling facilities in both France and the US, Dassault Aviation brings its services to over 90 countries across the world, spanning over 5 continents. It also produces the famed Rafael fighters.

Red Cross Air Ambulance Services in China

In hugely popular China, Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center has served over 3 million people over the past decade that it has been in service. The entry of Falcon 2000LX means that the organization would now have the capability of delivering 3-prong services that combine choppers, road ambulances and fixed-wing aircrafts. The entire set up would be supported through a command center that is fully equipped for seamless coordination. The initiative would have over 100 professionals supporting it.

Why Falcon 2000LX for Air Ambulance Services?

Owing to the huge population of China, the demands on the air ambulance services would be huge. The country needs an aircraft that can fly long distances, yet remain safe at all times. The aircraft is so advanced that it allows for in-flight surgical procedures. It is also capable of carrying Ebola victims. The air ambulance services provided by Falcon 2000LX would include electronic patient loading systems, 3-container oxygen supply, and the most modern monitoring equipment.

The aircraft, at the current time, is being prepared in the Wilmington, Delaware, facility of Dassault Aviation and will be due for delivery in September of this year. The aircraft will sport a wide-body twinjet engine and will be capable of flying in the most challenging conditions including high altitude landing. The air ambulance services delivered by the new aircraft are set to change the way emergency medical transport is handled in China.

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