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British Mom Set to Help out Medical Flight Service that Saved Her Life


A pregnant woman injured in a car crash was airlifted to a hospital by Yorkshire Air Ambulance. She is now set to give back to the medical flight service that saved her life. 34-year-old Vikki Lane was 36-weeks pregnant when she was involved in a car accident back in January. She ended up with two broken legs and a broken pelvic bone in addition to being pinned between two vehicles. Yorkshire Air Ambulance transported her safely to a hospital where she received necessary treatment.

Vikki’s Operation Followed Delivery

After Vikki was dropped off at Leeds General Infirmary by the medical flight, she underwent a 12-hour operation for her injuries. Before that, in what was nothing short of a miracle, she safely gave birth to her son Samuel. After the treatment, she was wheelchair-bound for six months. Although Vikki can only walk a few distances with the help of a crutch, she continues to make progress.

The family says they’re delighted to have the baby delivered safely and Vikki is recovering as the days go by. They have been jokingly wondering who will walk properly first – the mother or the baby. In the accident, Vikki’s mother had been driving and she suddenly sped up in a parking lot in Clifford’s Tower in York.

Family Attempts to Raise Funds for the Medical Flight Service

Vikki’s husband, Ray, is now attempting to raise funds to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance Services. He intends to cycle the Coast to Coast path spanning across 153 miles. 14 people will be accompanying him. The Lane family hopes to raise at least £25,000 in order to help the two medical services that helped save the life of Vikki. One is the trauma care charity, Day One, based at Leeds General Infirmary. The other is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

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