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Caribbean Air Ambulance Transport Gets a Boost


Five respiratory technicians, eight doctors, and 12 certified nurses will be stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Are you wondering why we are mentioning medical staff and the exotic Caribbean nation in the same breath? Well, there’s a reason for it. REVA Inc., the largest air ambulance transport service provider in the entire world has increased its presence in this beautiful island nation that sees millions of tourists each year. Half of the medical doctors stationed in San Juan would be pediatric doctors who are qualified to care for emergencies involving infants and children.

REVA’s Air Ambulance Transport Capability has Doubled in San Juan

With the acquisition of new Cessna Citation 501SP Jet, REVA has doubled its presence in the Caribbean nation. The air ambulance transport company has attributed this to the ever-increasing demand for quality emergency health care in the islands. The Caribbean islands see over 25 million tourists annually and with a strong outlook for tourism industry growth, it makes business sense for REVA to increase its presence in the area.

It must also be noted that the tourists usually indulge in high-risk adventure sports such as diving, surfing, and boating during their vacation. It is no surprise, therefore, that the injuries of serious nature are often seen. The new jet acquired by REVA would be permanently stationed in San Juan to cater to the tourists and locals alike.

Why has the Air Ambulance Transport Provider Chosen 501SP Jet?

The Cessna Citation 501SP Jet is known for its maneuverability. This twin-engine turbofan jet is also considered highly reliable. The air ambulance transport vehicle is capable of taking off from short runways. This capability is vital as some of the islands are so small that a full fledged runway is simply impossible to have.

REVA also revealed that the air ambulance transport vehicle will sport a fully loaded ICU to meet any emergencies.

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