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Children in the UK Power Medical Flight to Save Lives


Essex has always been at the forefront of contributing to medical flight services in the United Kingdom. This time around though it was kids who came forward to do the good deed. It was the cute little pupils of Powers Hall Infant School. The children had raised an impressive 3000 pounds to donate to a local medical flight service. Of course, the company is a charitable one and almost entirely relies on donations by the community to support itself. It was a joint effort by over 260 little souls.

Raising Money for the Medical Flight Service was Not a Cakewalk for the Tiny Tots

It was over a sustained period of time that the little kids had managed to raise the money. The head teacher said that they had taken part in several sponsored events to raise the sum. This included participating in Christmas carol concerts and a dance-a-thon. In all the children had collected 3,159.68 pounds.

For this exemplary effort, the children were treated with a short time in the helicopter. The excitement of simply sitting in the chopper was evident in the broad, beaming smiles that were simply refusing to leave their tiny faces. That was until the chopper had to fly away to attend to an emergency. The kids let go of the helicopter happily.

The Kids Literally Saved a Life

According to the medical flight company, it takes about 2,500 pounds to ferry a patient. This means that the amount collected by the children will literally save one life or at least make a major difference to someone. The air ambulance service receives absolutely no aid from the British government and relies on donations like these to stay afloat and do its bit for the local community. In fact, this is the model that is followed by most local communities throughout the UK.

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