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Command and Control Systems for Air Ambulance


The world is surging towards a new era of technology-led businesses and air ambulance industry is not immune to this wave of disruption. The technologies that really stand out in this new paradigm are data analytics and internet of things. Let’s briefly understand these technologies in the context of the air ambulance industry and how they help improve processes by enabling a centralized command and control systems.

Internet of Things and Air Ambulance

Small things (sensors) are attached to various parts of the air ambulance. These sensors are connected to a centralized control system. They are programmed to analyze the vibrations, temperature and other such factors to determine the health of the component they are attached to. This pool of data makes use of the internet to reach a dashboard. This dashboard translates machine data into a language that, we, humans can understand. It gives us a clear understanding of how ‘healthy’ a particular component of the aircraft is during its flight and at rest. This mechanism makes the air ambulance safer and more efficient.

Data Analytics and Air Ambulance

The data that is transmitted by the sensors are in a very crude matter-of-fact form. It is necessary to make sense out of this data, lest the risk of wasting this wealth of data. The supporting technologies that aid in data analysis are artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies create hundreds of data combinations and interpret them in several ways. The result is inputs for action that can increase safety and cut costs.

These computer algorithms that interpret data also have the ability to self-learn and make themselves more intelligent. All this interpretation again is made intelligible and communicated to us through customized dashboards. These dashboards are an essential component of command and control systems today. It is these dashboards that will power next-gen innovations such as autonomous air ambulance flights in the days to come.

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