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Company Resumes Air Ambulance Flights After Crash


A few weeks ago, in April, we had reported an air ambulance crash where the pilot, the flight nurse and paramedic had lost their lives. At the time, the air ambulance was en route Howard Young Medical Center, which was its home base. The crew was returning that fateful day after transporting a patient to Madison. After the crash, the services of the medical flight company had been suspended temporarily to get things in order. The investigation into the crash too had begun immediately, like all air ambulance flights.

The Air Ambulance Flights Resumed As Investigations are On

The investigation into the air ambulance crash had revealed that the helicopter was in good condition and had been investigated only the previous day. It was deemed to be fit for flying or at least that is what has been making rounds. The company is currently looking for a replacement for its air ambulance flights. It has, so far, been dependent on a temporary air bus chopper. For the people of the region, air ambulance flights are a necessity. The remoteness of the neighborhood makes them an absolute necessity.

The Family has Been Receiving Support

We had recently reported a bit about the families of the fallen heroes. Almost immediately, a foundation came forward to help the families. It has been reported that the foundation has collected slightly over 100 thousand dollars and the donations continue to trickle in. The three families would definitely need all the financial help they can get as they cope with their huge emotional loss.

The victims who lost their lives were: Rico Caruso, the 34 years old pilot; Klint Mitchell, the 30 years old nurse; and Gregory Rosenthal, the 43 years old flight paramedic. The foundation that has come forward to collect money for the crash victims’ families is the Howard Young Foundation.

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