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Confrontation between Air Ambulance Companies and Patients


The recent hearing of Maryland Insurance Administration was all about the unreasonable charges levied by air ambulance companies in the United States. Both the insurance providers and air ambulance companies tried hard to explain why they were compelled to charge such high rates, which range between $20,000 and $49,000. For many patients, the amount is more than their annual income. Many air ambulance companies, insurers and patients have been caught in legal battle owing to the high costs.

It was a Blame Game between Air Ambulance Companies and Other Parties

The air ambulance companies complained that hospitals do not look at the affordability of the patients before calling air ambulance companies for help. They also pointed out that Medicare and Medicaid rates were just too low to cover their costs.

Insurers, on their part, said that the air ambulance companies were charging unreasonably high and that it was no feasible for them to cover the entire cost.

The health care providers were of the opinion that saving lives and providing the best care is their main motive when treating the patients and that they are not responsible for analyzing how much the air ambulance companies charge.

Representatives from Air Ambulance Companies were Present

Air ambulance companies like PHI Air Medical and Air Methods were represented in the meeting. Several patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies also were a part of the meeting. While many of the participants were physically present during the meeting, some chose to join via phone.

The Maryland Insurance Administration termed the meeting as part of the ongoing investigation into the growing complaints about high charges by air ambulance companies.

The federal laws aimed at airline deregulation allow air ambulance companies to charge their own rates without consulting the insurance providers.

Many of the patients were of the opinion that air ambulances were essential to save life but the huge air ambulance bills put their life in financial shambles.

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