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Congress Must Intervene to Ensure Airambulance Coverage


Would you consider spending less on food to save money? In essence, this is the kind of cost-saving strategy that the United States is witnessing currently. The attempt of insurance companies to narrow their network to save costs is simply a way to skirt their responsibility from paying up; at least, this is what most experts feel. It is time, therefore, essential that the congress intervenes and ensures that the general public has access to airambulance services. It is not that the government has not intervened in the matters of airambulance services thus far; however, it has only been to regulate the pricing of airambulance services. The veer has been towards insurance companies largely.

Most Cases Warrant Airambulance Services

It is nothing short of a tragedy that life-saving airambulance services have recently been the subject of constant controversy. With the rising costs of maintaining aircrafts, the industry is reeling under financial stress, so much so that many companies covering rural America have shut shops. However, people living in these regions have no alternate means to access appropriate healthcare in case of emergency situations. All fingers, though, are being pointed at airambulance companies, albeit unfairly. While these organizations are compelled to send ‘balance bills’ to the patients, it is not on their own volition that they do it.

Revised Insurance Rates will Tackle the Problem of Balance Billing

It is only when an insurance company refuses to cover the airambulance charges in full that the balance amount is expected to be paid up by the patients. It must be noted in this regard that insurance reimbursement rates have not been revised for almost two decades now. At the same time, airambulance services have become more technologically advanced and safe; all this translates to increased costs for the industry, which the world, it seems, is turning a blind eye to.

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