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Cornwall’s Air Ambulance Carries Out 55 Medical Flight Missions in One Month


The Air Ambulance crew of Cornwall flew a record of more than 50 medical flight missions within a period of one month. For the month of May, the air ambulance chopper conducted a total of 55 flights, which brought the total flights for the year up to 246 so far. This impressive performance by the Cornwall air ambulance crew is consistent with their previous record of performance.

Details of the Medical Flight Missions

During the month, Cornwall’s Air Ambulance flew 21 patients to the Royal Cornwall Hospital located in Turro. They also flew 14 patients to the Derriford hospital located in Plymouth. It seems that the need for air ambulance for the month was extremely high, with only this service being able to carry out the missions.

In fact, the air ambulance chopper was called for service four times in a single day. This happened not once but twice, which clearly shows that the demand for such medical flight missions is really high in the region. The Liskeard area and the Isles of Scilly were the regions most visited by the air ambulance chopper. In both locations, there was a call for the air ambulance six times each. Both locations also required two visits carried out on the same day.

Air Ambulance Missions Tended to Various Types of Emergencies

Two of the patients from Liskeard required the air ambulance as a result of their injury from road traffic collisions. Out of the six patients from the Isles of Scilly, one was a woman who had an infected knee and another was a teenager with appendicitis.

The air ambulance received three calls to St. Minver throughout the month and two of them occurred in one day. While the service sent the air ambulance chopper, they even used critical care cars in two of the cases for providing extra medical support.

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