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Coursing through Sahara as a Show of Gratitude for Air Ambulance Service


“I remember the wheels turning across me. I don’t remember the impact as such. I remember being on the floor and really panicking.” These are the words of Victoria who had met with a motor vehicle accident involving a lorry. She was riding a bicycle at the time. She, unfortunately, lost her limbs during the accident but was fortunate enough to survive the accident – thanks to the quick response by London’s Air Ambulance, which is a charity-run medical flight service. It entirely depends on the donations and fund raisers to stay afloat and serve the community.

Her story with the Medical Flight Service Did not End There

It has almost become a tradition in the United Kingdom to show gratitude towards the life-saving medical flight services by raising money for them after recovering from the illness or the accident, and Dr. Chloe Baker is one such individual. About a decade ago, she too was saved by the same medical flight service. Now, she is backed by a whole team – comprising of a doctor, a pilot and paramedics – to take part in the Saharan marathon.

Chloe will be Raising Money for the Medical Flight Service

She feels she is lucky to survive and it’s nothing short of a miracle. Her abdomen was crushed when she met with the accident, but thankfully, she had suffered no harm to her spine. She will be taking part in the Saharan mega marathon.  They will together cross the Saharan desert covering 150 miles. The marathon is often described as the toughest one in the world. She and her team plan to raise over 50,000 British pounds through this effort. It is heartening to see her being able to take this race up. It has now been over a decade since she met with the accident that changed her life.

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