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Cyclist Thanks Medical Flight Service that Saved His Life


A cyclist who survived a serious accident in 2009 has been reunited with the medical flight crew that saved his life. 49-year-old Robert Bryan was left with critical injuries including a collapsed lung, broken ribs, scarred heart, and cracked sternum when he fell from his bike and landed on rocks. The crew from the Great North Air Ambulance came to his aid and provided him with immediate medical attention after which they transported him to a hospital.

Details of the Accident

Robert Bryan was cycling through the Errlington Woods in eastern Cleveland with his son, Gary and his nephew, Darran. He rode up a 15ft ramp, which was a part of the cycling route, but ended up falling from his bike. After the medical team from the Great North Air Ambulance arrived on scene, they provided him with essential emergency care and then quickly transported him to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. He then spent a week in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Same Medical Flight Service Saved Bryan’s Mother

In addition to saving his life, the same medical flight service also came to the aid of Bryan’s mother in a separate incident where she got hit by a bus. 75-year-old Dorothy Bryan was transported to the hospital with critical injuries to the head and chest as well as pelvis. Although she was discharged after three months of being in the hospital, she sadly died after a week from a stroke and heart attack.

Robert Bryan expressed how thankful he is towards the Great North Air Ambulance because they gave him more time with his family and loved ones. He visited the GNAAS airbase located at Durham Tees Valley Airport, where he met Andy Mawson, the paramedic who treated his mother.

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