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Decapitated Rattle Snake Sends Texas Man on an Airambulance Flight


Strange as it may sound, this true incident that recently occurred in Houston, Texas, sent a man on an emergency airambulance ride within minutes – all this while being almost dead and in two pieces.

It was a normal day for Mr. Sutcliffe as he had gone about as usual tending to his garden. It was there that he saw a rattle snake. The large snake, which was over 4 feet, was resting in his garden. Taking action immediately, Mr. Sutcliffe severed its head with his gardening equipment. Presuming that it was dead a while later, he tried to dispose the remains of the venomous snake.

The Reason Behind Airambulance Ride

Mr. Sutcliffe had not realized that the severed head of the snake still had life left in it. With all its might, it bit him one final time before breathing its last. His wife having witnessed what happened immediately called emergency services. An airambulance chopper was sent to his rescue in no time. Mr. Sutcliffe had, by this time, already started having seizures and was losing his vision fast. The airambulance managed to transport him just in time to the nearest hospital. The bite was so bad that he had to be given over 26 doses of anti-venom, whereas usually people are given about two to four doses.

Mr. Sutcliffe is Now Out of Danger but Still Recovering

His kidney function, immediately after the incident, had declined fairly rapidly. However, the doctors are now saying that the kidneys are returning to normal, thanks to the quick treatment made possible by the airambulance chopper.

Rattle snakes are fairly common in Texas with over six varieties found in the state. These shy reptiles do not warrant much to deliver a deadly bite. Almost all hospitals in the state are equipped with anti-venom, effective for local varieties of snakes. All it takes is quick response so that the patient gets treatment on time, which is often made possible by airambulance services.

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