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Drone Deliveries Augment Air Ambulance Services


Air ambulance services manage to reach areas that land ambulances find impossible to access. That said, air ambulance services find it tough to reach certain areas at times. The issue at hand is primarily the inclement weather condition. The risk to human lives is too great. It turns into a dilemma where health care workers have to battle the guilt of not being able to do anything due to poor weather conditions. However, going ahead with the rescue puts at risk all those involved in offering the air ambulance services. Of course, the regulations governing air ambulance services do not make way for a rescue when the weather conditions are not congenial.

Drones and Air Ambulance Services

Drones are unmanned vehicles. They can reach areas that are not accessible to air ambulance services. This is made possible by their easy maneuverability and small size. The provision of essentials to keep the people in distress alive can be effortlessly achieved through drones. Their applications are only limited by one’s imagination.

Think of a scenario where a medical professional is with an injured person and is unable to help him due to the lack of certain equipment or medicine. If he is able to communicate it to a centralized emergency response setup, help can soon arrive through a drone. Sounds wonderful, right? Drones can have several uses like this.

What are the Limitations?

The primary limitations come in the form of load-carrying capacity. One cannot expect them to carry huge loads like oxygen cylinders. There is also the limitation of access. Drones are controlled remotely, which means they can be operated only up to a certain distance or altitude. Beyond that, one cannot control them. The final limitation comes in the form of distance coverage. Unlike air ambulance services, drones run on small power sources and cannot remain in the sky for long. Of course, with new innovations coming into the picture, all this may soon change.

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