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Efficacy of Air Ambulance Services – an Insight


Air ambulance services are expensive no doubt, regardless of them being paid by the insurance providers or the person who uses the services. The question is whether the amount spent is worth the money. Do air ambulance services truly make a difference in defining the outcome? The answer lies in the situation that demands such services. Take for instance a patient in a rural part where no appropriate medical services are present. If the patient has suffered a stroke and needs urgent medical care, air ambulance services might be in order. This is especially true if road connectivity leaves much to desire.

The Role of Air Ambulance Services in Driving Positive Treatment Outcomes

Survival of the patients is something that is of utmost importance but what about recovery? It is well documented that the medical outcome of the treatment is much better if it is given to the patient within the shortest time possible. However, what needs to be analysed is how much of a difference in the outcome do air ambulance services bring about. There is not enough research out there that provides a logical conclusion to this question. On the other hand, the survival rate difference was just about 2% when a sample group of patients were observed for about a year by a Danish research.

The Decision Surrounding the Mode of Transport can be Subjective

Often, it is the first responders on the ground that are responsible to take a call on the mode of transport. It is natural that, at the heat of the moment, they try to do their best to keep the survival of the patients in mind. However, the time is so short that it all boils down to individual judgement. At times, it can seem like the most sophisticated mode of transport is the most effective one.

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