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European Medical Flights Can Now be Certified by CAMTS


Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) has spread its wings into Europe where it will be known as CAMTS EU. The organization will be offering accreditation to medical flights in the region according to the European Aviation Safety Agency norms or any other relevant regulations. The non-profit organization is still in the process of forming procedures and policies at the current time. The first official board meeting of CAMTS US will only take place later in the year or early next year. The medical flights can then reap the full benefits of CAMTS certification.

CAMTS has Already Accredited European Medical Flights

CAMTS EU may not make its presence felt in Europe right away but it must be noted that the organization has already accredited a few international medical flights. To be precise CAMTS has certified 9 medical flights in total, 3 of which are based out of the United Kingdom.

The Roadmap for Accreditation of Medical Flights

As a start, CAMTS EU would be relying on CAMTS Tenth Edition accreditation standards which came into being in the year 2015. However, this should pose no problems. Eileen Frazer who is the current executive director of CAMTS revealed that The Tenth Edition has been designed to accommodate international medical flights. She further revealed that relevant modifications would be made based on the local regulations. She said, ultimately, the standards internationally would be the same. The organization would take the best from all the prevailing standards across the world.

It must be noted that CAMTS is a stand-alone non-profit organization that offers accreditation to medical flights in the United States. The certification is entirely voluntary. It is offered to both rotary-wing and fixed-wing medical flights throughout the country. Just like CAMTS, CAMTS EU too would have the representatives from each of its members in the board of directors.

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