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FAI Yields Record Figures in 2016 through Air Ambulances


FAI rent-a-jet AG, a German special mission operator has yielded record revenues in 2016 from its air ambulance division. The operator’s air ambulances have generated well over $47 million in revenues for the first time in their history. The division has not only experienced growth in terms of revenue but also in terms of operations with two new aircrafts added to their fleet.

7% Increase in Revenues from 2015

The division’s revenues for 2016 have increased by 7% compared to the previous year’s revenues. During the year, the company’s 11 air ambulances carried out several missions that amounted to over 10,000 flying hours combined. The division is based at the FAI Headquarters in Nuremberg’s Albrecht Durer International Airport with around 190 staff members working full time.

In addition to these full-time staff workers, the division also has 50 part-time employees like physicians and paramedics. In terms of revenue, Fai is the biggest fixed wing air ambulance operator in the world and also has a satellite office based in Dubai.

New Air Ambulances Added to Fleet

FAI had also bolstered the air ambulance division’s operations by adding two new aircrafts to its fleet; one is a Challenger 604 and the other is a Learjet 60. The division now operates with four Challenger 604s and seven Learjet 55/60’s.

With these 11 aircrafts, the division performed 892 missions. More than 1,000 patients were airlifted from 329 destinations, all of which were carried out in 123 countries. The total distance traveled by the division’s aircrafts was 4,704,887 km.

According to Siegfried Axtmann, the company’s chairman, Fai expects to grow 10% further in 2017. He also stated their intentions to add another aircraft to their fleet. Axtmann commented that despite the Middle East oil and gas crisis, the company has had a productive 2016.

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