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Would You Fly in this Air Ambulance used to Ferry Ebola Patients?


The Gulfstream air ambulance that has been used to transport several patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus is fast developing a name for itself. This state-of-the-art air ambulance has carried “Ebola Heros” like Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the American missionaries who contracted the virus earlier in August. Recently, the air ambulance was again used to carry Nina Pham, the nurse who was caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first US Ebola patient. While Pham is now out of danger, Duncan was not as lucky as he succumbed to the killer disease on October 10.

About Gulfstream Air Ambulance that is Now Gaining Legendary Status

From the outset, you will be forgiven to mistake this air ambulance for a luxury aircraft that carries the celebrities. However, the inside of the air ambulance tells a totally different story. Built to accommodate some of the most modern medical equipment, this air ambulance has been designed by the best minds in the medical industry. It also hosts one of the very few Ebola testing facilities that exist today.

How Does the Air Ambulance Ensure Crew Safety?

Ebola is not spread through air. One can contract the disease only if he or she comes in contact with the bodily fluids of the infected person such as blood and other fluids. The air ambulance is designed to completely contain the Ebola suspects and patients in isolation, keeping rest of the crew safe. The crew has a separate area where they can change into “moon suits” before treating the patients inside the containment area. There is even a specially designed toilet exclusively for the patient. The air ambulance is filled with medical equipment with every inch being used in the most efficient manner. The air ambulance is capable of handling the various bodily reactions that Ebola virus is known to trigger.

The Gulfstream air ambulance is owned by Air and is playing a major role in protecting American citizens helping out in Ebola-affected areas around the globe.

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