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Google Airambulance Drones are Now a Reality


Innovation is nothing new to Google which has already developed driverless cars that are being tested real-time as we speak. Now, the search engine major has obtained a patent for drones that offer emergency medical services, acting like a mini airambulance.

Just imagine being caught in a situation in a secluded place without any medicines or even water. All it would take is a touch on your smartphone to get help. The drone would locate you and deliver what is essential for your survival. The fascinating thing about these airambulance drones is that it’s a no-risk delivery system, in the sense that it doesn’t put the life of the pilot at risk when the location is too treacherous for landing an airambulance.

What Kind of Help does Airambulance Drone Deliver?

At the minimum, airambulance drones can help sustain life until further help arrives. It could be as simple as water or as complex as a defibrillator. Of course, size does matter as drones are limited in their load-carrying capacity. But with innovation, these hurdles too could be taken care of eventually. The Google airambulance drones can also deliver meds like Epipen and even oxygen.

The Airambulance drone Does Face a Few Challenges

The biggest challenge that the drone faces currently is determining the kind of emergency. While airambulance flights can simply evacuate the patients and also carry huge lifesaving equipment, drones can’t do that. So, it becomes vital to know the exact needs of the patients. Then, there are also regulatory hurdles. For now, the drones can be flown only within the United States.

Also, the airambulance drones need to be within the sight range of the operating pilots. However, most industry experts are of the opinion that Google has made a great start and regulatory hurdles will eventually be lifted as the drones become more efficient. For now, they are a cost-effective choice to reach the toughest regions.

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