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High Air Ambulance Cost Grabs Attention of Lawmakers Again


The rising cost of air ambulance services has constantly been making headlines in recent times. In some instances, it has been the high bills that have been in focus and at other times, it is the insurance companies that have refused to cover the entire cost of air ambulance services. In the end, however, it is always the common man who has faced the brunt of it all. This time around, it has been two families from Kentucky who were served bills of over 60 thousand USD. The bills were a result of availing services for two young children in their families. They appealed to the state’s lawmakers to regulate air ambulance billing system and it has found resonance among lawmakers.

Air Ambulance Bills Should Not Go So High Says Expert

Brandon Smith who is a current East Kentucky lawmaker and a former pilot opines that air ambulance bills in the case of the two families should not have cost so much. According to him, the cost should hover around 1500 USD per hour and not more. He further said that he completely failed to understand how such high bills can be justified by the air ambulance company. He expressed his shock over the issue.

Representative Steven Rudy and Senator Danny Carroll too expressed their shock; however, they confessed that they need to analyze the matter more closely before making any assumptions.

Senator Morgan McGarvey, on the other hand, pointed a finger at insurance companies and said that he plans to pre-file legislation in next year’s session to tackle this issue.

What is the Air Ambulance Company in Question Saying?

The air ambulance service provider, who has been in the middle of it all, expressed helplessness. The spokesperson of the company brought to light the fact that the crew has to be on its toes 24/7 and that is a cost. She also brought to light the fact that air ambulance bills, by industry standards, most often exceed 40 thousand USD.

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