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Hybrid Medical Flights of the Future


There is a lot that has been going on when it comes to trying out alternate sources of energy for medical flights. From hydrogen fuel to electrically charged power, several alternative sources are being explored. Of course, several attempts have been successful in this endevor, especially with electrical motors. However, it is not often that we come across hybrid engines for medical flights. This technology has been quite popular with automobiles but not so with medical flights, but that may change soon. Attempts are now being made to design air ambulance helicopters that can run on electric charges.

Airbus is Trying Hybrid Engines and Can be Used in Medical Flights

Airbus, the renowned manufacturer of helicopters and airplanes is now trying its hand at a hybrid engine for helicopters. In fact, the company has already started test flights of this new engine model. They have termed the technology engine backup system or EBS. The main intent of this engine is not to transport people solely based on electrical power but to provide a backup source in the eventuality that there is an engine failure. The engine is aimed more at the safety of transportation, which can hugely benefit medical flights.

The Hybrid Propulsion System can Last Half a Minute

A duration of 30 seconds might not seem much, but it can mean a lot when there is an engine failure. When there is an engine failure, in medical flights, often the reaction time that the situation allows is minimal to nil. However, with the engine backup system, the pilot gets an additional 30 seconds which can help them to land medical flights safely. Of course, in the days to come, the effort will be to increase the backup time and increase the fuel efficiency of choppers. There is no doubt that the development is a positive one and in the right direction.


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