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In Focus: Medical Flight Crash – Friends Remember the Nurse Onboard


One of the victims of the medical transport plane crash off the coast of Maui is being remembered by friends and family. Courtney Parry, a flight nurse for medicine, has been identified as the victim by coworkers. Parry and two other passengers were traveling to a patient in Waimea on Hawaii Island when the plane vanished last Thursday. South of Hana, Maui, another pilot witnessed their medical evacuation plane plunge into the water. The victim’s friend Coren York reported that “her daughter said that “yes, she was on that plane.” My heart just sank at that precise moment. I felt such sadness.

Parry has close friendships with York and Jenn Rose; the three of them relocated to Maui from the Midwest and worked as nurses. It simply doesn’t seem real, Rose remarked. That your friend could leave you in such a tragic way. Although the work was stressful, Parry was reportedly always a bright spot. Every room she enters is instantly brightened, said York.

Courtney was a Very Special Person

It takes someone extraordinary to be a flight nurse, according to Rose, who added that being a nurse is very special. Rose continued, “I will always admire her for her courage and bravery. Rose and York revealed that Parry is from Nebraska to Hawaii News Now. She and her young daughter, a kindergarten teacher in Kihei, resided in Maui. They shared a home, but now that they are no longer together, her daughter needs to move because her landlord won’t give her any respite even during the holidays.

The Family of the Medical Flight Crash Victim Needs Help

Sydney Parry, Sydney’s daughter, said in a statement, “This was a terrible tragedy, but my mom loved to help people. She wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for anyone. We intend to pay tribute to her memory by treating everyone with kindness, love, and aloha. We are going to share the love that people have for her because we know they do. A GoFundMe page has been created in this regard.

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