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Injured Doctor Gets a Whopping Air Ambulance Bill as he loses an Arm


The need for air ambulance services has a way of popping up when you least expect it. It was no different for Dr. Naveed Khan, a 35-year-old radiologist. The physician was out having some fun, riding an all-terrain vehicle when he met with an accident. It was Dr. Khan’s first time riding a vehicle of that kind.  What he saw immediately post accident was a gaping wound that was 6 inches wide with skin and muscles exposed. Somehow, with the aid of a friend, he managed to call 911 and he arrived in no time.

The Local Hospital Recommends taking an Air Ambulance

Once in the local hospital, it was suggested that Dr. Khan be taken to the nearest appropriate treating facility in Fort Worth, which was over 100 miles away. Dr. Khan, already aware that air ambulance services do not come cheap had enquired about the cost but was told to not worry about it at the time. He was losing blood and things had to be sorted out and he needed to stabilized from this life-threatening injury. Groggy from all the painkillers, Dr. Khan was in no position to resist or take any decision at the time.

Dr. Khan had to Undergo Eight Operations

Attempts were made to save his arm and he underwent eight surgeries to salvage it. However, the shattered bones and torn tissues could not be repaired. He finally gave up and asked the treating physicians to simply amputate his arm.

The Arrival of the Air Ambulance Bill

It was only 3 days since Dr. Khan had been admitted to the hospital that he received the first call from the air ambulance company, seeking clarification as to who would pay the bill which was bound to cross $50,000. Ultimately, when he received the bill it was $56,603 and his insurance would only cover $11,972, leaving him a balance payment of $44,631. Disabled for life, the doctor is now worrying about the bill, while contemplating how to take his life forward.

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