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Laser Prankster Temporarily Blinds Medical Flight Doctor


A laser pen caused a potentially catastrophic incident after temporarily blinding a medical flight doctor working for Wales Air Ambulance. The police are trying to find information regarding the culprit behind this prank and request anyone who has some knowledge about the crime. The incident took place while the air ambulance aircraft flew over Townhill.

Details of the Incident that Temporarily Blinded Medical Flight Doctor

The air ambulance aircraft for Wales Air Ambulance was flying over Townhill at around 7:30 PM on 5th November. The doctor suffered from temporary blindness and eye damage due to the laser. The safety of the aircraft and its passengers was threatened because of this incident. According to officials from Wales Air Ambulance, the incident could have been catastrophic.

The police are now appealing to the public to help them trace the culprit behind the attack. The laser pen is believed to have provided commercial-strength laser beam.

Dire Consequences for Culprit

According to Inspector Paul Thomas with the South Wales Police, the police are taking the crime very seriously and are doing everything they can to catch the culprit. He went on to state that people do not understand the circumstances involved in shining lasers at an aircraft, which could even result in serious fatalities.

He further stated that the police will promptly prosecute anyone who carries out this offense. The culprit who endangered the lives of a medical flight crew could face a fine of up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment of five years.

Representatives for Wales Air Ambulance stated that the incident could have been catastrophic. When people get laser burns to the eye, they could get blinded for life. In this particular incident, the pilot for the flight managed to avert his eyes in time and continued to fly the aircraft.

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