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Legal Firm Donates £540,000 to Help Build Helipads for Air Ambulances


A legal firm in Malvern has made a contribution of more than half a million pounds towards the construction of helipads for air ambulances. The firm’s donation went to the HELP Appeal, a charity dedicated to building such helipads. The legal firm has been raising funds for the charity since 2014 and finally handed over a cheque for the accumulated funds since.

Will-Making Helped Raise Funds to Help Air Ambulances

In order to raise funds for the charity, paralegals at Wills and Legal Services in Worcester Road Malvern Link have been writing wills and suggested their customers donate £40 in exchange for their services. The funds they have raised since 2014 is expected to help complete the construction of a helipad for the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Wills and Legal Services decided to donate the funds to the HELP Appeal realizing the importance of the work the charity is doing. By helping build helipads for hospitals across the country, they’re providing valuable support to air ambulances and helping save lives in the process. The firm also invites people who need their wills written to choose their services since they’ll be able to save lives while planning for their future.

Only Charity Dedicated to Funding Hospital Helipad Construction

The HELP Appeal is the only charity in the U.K that’s dedicated to providing funds for building hospital helipads. They have helped in the construction or upgrade of 20 helipads all over the country. There have been 7,000 landings made on helipads funded by the appeal till date.

The charity has released a statement thanking the legal firm for realizing the importance of the appeal’s work. They have also thanked the firm for the hard work they have put in to raise such a large amount of money.

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