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Live Video Streaming and Air Ambulance Services


Emergencies can occur anywhere and physical help in the form of air ambulance services, although quick, do take some time. Moreover, there is always the question whether an air ambulance is required in the first place. This debate has been ongoing owing to the costs that come along with medical flight services. Live video streaming can put a stop to a lot of issues such as these. Here, we take a case in hand and analyze the situation. Strong internet connections and the prevalence of high computing power of smart phones means that visual contact between first responders and the injured today is not at difficult to achieve.

Assessing the Need for Air Ambulance Services

A look at the patient through live streaming and inputs from the people at the scene of the emergency can make a lot of difference when deciding whether the patient actually needs an air ambulance service or not. A close scrutiny can also help the victim get the right first aid as he or she awaits the arrival of qualified medical professionals for the first line of treatment. The medical professionals, through visual aids, can accurately assess health parameters such as breathing rate and consciousness.

A Recent Trial has Shown Promise

A group of emergency and air ambulance service providers in the UK have already embarked on a study that gauges the efficiency of live streaming during emergencies. In fact, they took the aid of live streaming during 19 emergency calls recently. One additional aspect that came out of the study was that the injured person finds solace in the fact that help is on the way when he or she visually finds that people are taking care of the situation. It must also be noted that air ambulance services are usually stretched and a technology like this can take the load away to an extent.

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