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Man Attempts to Steal Air Ambulance in Honolulu


It is not often that you get to hear this but in a rare and bizarre incident, a man in Honolulu attempted to steal an air ambulance. The man in question was a 24-year-old by the name of Gabriel Arjona Molina. He recently made an appearance in court for his deed. The man is, at this time, being held in Hawaii Community Correctional Facility. His bail amount has been set at a steep USD 37,000. It is not yet clear as to why he attempted such a feat which is nothing less than astonishing, to put it mildly. It is now even clear whether he actually knows how to fly an air ambulance.

Several Charges for His Attempted Theft of Air Ambulance

Gabriel has been charged with first-degree attempted theft, property damage, an unauthorized attempt at taking control of an aerial vehicle and trespassing of criminal nature. The man is known to have been residing in the area for two months. He is originally from Venezuela.

What Transpired During the Attempted Theft?

Gabriel Arjona Molina was seen by passers-by to have crashed his vehicle into a fence first, breaking through it. He then exited his vehicle and tried to rotate the propeller. After that, he got into the air ambulance and revved up the engine, although he did not fly the air ambulance. He was witnessed to have started both the engines of the vehicle. Moments after this attempt, the police arrived at the scene and took the troublemaker in custody.

It does not take a genius to realize that air ambulance aircraft are pretty expensive. Even small damage can result in repairs worth thousands of dollars. Plus, there is the exercise of ensuring that the vehicle is fit enough for ferrying the patients again. Gabriel attempted this theft at the Hilo International Airport.

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