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Man Receives $800,000 Bill & Air Ambulance had Nothing to do with it


Air ambulance services and huge medical bills today are almost synonymous with each other but this time around the case was different. The insurance industry, however, was still a party to it. The case in point was a Canadian citizen who was out on a visit to Las Vegas. However, as fate had it, he fell sick. In fact, he suffered a massive heart attack and had to be taken to the hospital immediately where he was pronounced dead and was then revived back to life. He was ultimately implanted with a pacemaker that required a complex operation.

The Patient was Flown via Air Ambulance to Canada

The patient had a travel insurance which covered him for air ambulance transport back to Canada. However, his problems had started compounding much before that. The hospital that he was admitted had asked him about travel insurance coverage and operated on him once they were assured he had one. However, during his recovery, the news was broken to him that his claim had been denied. The patient had several pre-existing diseases, and as a result, his claim was denied. An expert revealed that the kind of insurance he had opted for was not comprehensive enough.

The Bill Came to a Whopping 800,000 Canadian Dollars

The insurance company had paid $50,000 for the patient’s transport back to Canada where he is now expected to pay a total of 800,000 Canadian dollars. The patient, however, said that he would not be able to do so. In fact, he said that he would not be able to repay the amount even if he lived for 150 years. It is believed that he is generally not in great health and is on continuous home oxygen. Coming from a country where health is taken care by the state, it is surely a shock for him.

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