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Medical Air Transport Helicopter Crashes in Perry County Pennsylvania


The Federal Aviation Administration has released a preliminary report for a helicopter crash that occurred on Saturday, July 1 in Perry County, Missouri. According to their report, the medical air transport helicopter was experiencing engine issues that resulted in the crash.

No serious injuries on passengers

The helicopter, known as KidsFlight 1, was owned by Air Methods Corporation a Colorado-based air ambulance provider. The passengers included the company’s three-man transport team and their 5-year-old patient. They were on their way to transport the patient to St. Louis Children’s Hospital from Cape Girardeau when the helicopter ended up crashing.

The medical air transport helicopter crashed into a soyabean field and rolled over on its right side. The patients did not suffer any serious injuries, according to the county Sheriff Gary Schaaf. Investigators from the FAA immediately began their preliminary investigation the next day and were able to file their preliminary report on Monday, July 3.

More details on the medical air transport helicopter crash

The Air Methods helicopter was a twin-engine MBB/Kawasaki BK 117. The aircraft developed some engine issues mid-flight and had to crash land on a nearby field. The BK 117 helicopters have been involved in 16 other accidents since 1995. Out of these crashes, 6 of them ended up with fatalities.

The hospital’s Critical Care Transport Team has refused to reveal the identities of the flight team that was involved in the crash. According to a post on their Facebook page, they confirmed that it was indeed their team that was involved. They also said that the crew only suffered bumps and bruises and no serious injuries.

The Critical Care team had initially planned to add two new aircrafts – both Airbus EC145 helicopters – to their fleet on Monday. The plans have been currently put on hold.

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