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In a reckless act of endangerment, laser was shone on an East Anglian Air Ambulance service. We cover the news in detail.
In a recent air ambulance tragedy, a medical helicopter crashed in Oklahoma snuffing the live of three crew members onboard.

Medical Air Transport Helicopter Crashes in Perry County Pennsylvania

The Federal Aviation Administration has released a preliminary report for a helicopter crash that occurred on Saturday, July 1 in Perry County, Missouri. According...

Medical Air Services and Satellite Weather Simulation

The new safety regulations that were put into place by the FAA have made it mandatory to install weather monitoring equipment onboard. For large...

Air Methods Medical Flight Services fined $1.5 Million

It was only a few years back in 2011 that an Air Methods medical flight crashed killing 4 people onboard. The same medical flight...

Will Air Ambulance Drones Soon be a Reality?

The drone industry worldwide has been fast turning into a multimillion dollar industry, even as the US has struggled to catch up with the...

Air Ambulance Transport Company, Air Methods Corp, in Trouble with Authorities Again

It was mid 2014 when Air Methods Corporation, a well-known air ambulance transport company was in trouble with the FAA. The regulatory authority had...

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