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Medical Air Transportation Chopper Lands Amidst Bustling Street


Medical air transportation pilots are usually the best in their business. A lot is usually said about medical flights avoiding risky situations to not endanger the lives of the crew members. For a common man, this might seem like an argument of an amateur pilot. In complete contradiction to this belief was the skill displayed by the medical air transportation pilot recently. The pilot belonged to the charity-run London Air Ambulance company and his skill was on display to the stunned onlookers of London.

It all Began when Medical Air Transportation Chopper Responded to an Emergency

Medical air transportation team of London Air Ambulance was expected to respond to an emergency in the very urban part of London. The problem was that the streets in the vicinity were bustling with people and vehicles. Also, the streetlights and other obstacles were an added inconvenience to land the medical air transportation vehicle smoothly. The pilot though made the entire landing seem like a piece of cake. In the absence of time to create a congenial landing space, the pilot of the chopper skilfully landed the air ambulance right in the middle of the street with zero incidence, which simply goes on to the reveal the importance of experience when it comes to hiring medical air transportation pilots.

The Onlookers were Left Stunned

The bystanders were obviously stunned by the display of the pilot’s skills. Most people took out their cell phones to record this amazing feat. Many took to twitter to upload the videos and also took the opportunity to thank the pilot for his service to the public in general.

Earlier in the day, a pedestrian had been hit by a motorcyclist, leaving the pedestrian severely injured. The air ambulance transported the victim to the nearest trauma center within a short period of time.

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