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Medical Air Transportation Saves Life of One-Month Old Baby


The Great North Air Ambulance has received numerous accolades for adopting innovative changes to improve the efficiency of its life-saving service. Just last month, they received praise for upgrading its onboard blood supply with carrying some blood plasma in handy. Now the medical air transportation service has helped in saving the life of a baby who is just one month old and was suffering a cardiac arrest.

Medical Air Transportation Crew Worked Efficiently to Tend to the baby

On 7th July, the emergency services had to rush to Wildermere after they received a call for help at around 6:30 PM. The patient was a one-month old baby boy and was suffering a cardiac arrest. Upon their arrival at the scene, the Great North Air Ambulance crew began providing the infant with essential medical care and attention. The air ambulance doctor and paramedics worked as a team with the paramedics at North West Ambulance Services.

They started assessing the infant and then provided him with the essential emergency treatment on scene. After this, the patient was flown to Liverpool’s Alderhey Children’s Hospital accompanied by his mother. During the whole transportation process, the crew continued to attend to the baby and provided him with the necessary care and attention. Within just 20 minutes, the medical air transportation reached its destination. The infant is reported to be in a stable condition but was considered to have suffered critical injuries.

More about the Great North Air Ambulance

The Great North Air Ambulance is a charity that operates solely on donations from the generous public. Its offices are located in Grange Road in Darlington, where they recently were the victims of a burglary. It conducts fundraising efforts and charity drives to fund its operations, dedicated to transport injured or critically ill patients to hospitals.

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